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Issue 95 Recapping why I do this & back to our roots


This is just a little going back to the Gut Reaction Journal’s roots.  Back to reminding people of why we do this podcast and who is at fault for the mess we’re in.
We won’t give up on OWS, Dylan Ratigan or any other good causes, but we have gotten away from the show we used to do, and how, before the start the new year we intend to go back a little to where we started.

Issue 94 UC pepper spraying and punks with spray cans

This week is about missed opportunities.  I get a little angry when I see cops, even campus cops repeatedly dosing peaceful, non-threatening protesters with pepper spray.  The missed opportunity is where the authorities still haven’t realized that the more force you use against peaceful people, the larger their ranks grow.  They still don’t get the point that discussion and peaceful resolution work far better than force, and in the case of UC Davis, excessive force NEVER works in the long run.
Also, I look at Egypt and the Occupy Movement here at home.
Plus, this week’s Good Guy is HonorVet.  Started by two Marine Veterans, including Jom McCain, son of John McCain, HonorVet helps veterans with a 21st century approach to information accessibility.

Pepper Spray at UC Davis - Crackdowns on Occupy Wall Street
Countdown interview with Dorli RaineyHonorVet

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Issue 93 Occupy Delaware and 1 in 7 Americans are critically poor


This week I go to Occupy Delaware for the first day of the occupation of Wilmington, Delaware.  It’s cold out there but these people are committed and ready.  I ask some participants a simple question; Why are you here?  The answers of many of the people there are as varied as they are and I include the reasons of three of them.
Also, we start off with a shocking report that says 1 in 7 Americans are now in extreme poverty.  There is no excuse for this and something must be done about it.

The Good Guy will be back next week.

(The opinions expressed by the interviewees are not necessarily those of the Gut Reaction Journal or its host.)