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Issue 87 The NYC ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protest


(9/25/2011)  This week we have one topic, the New York City ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protest where thousands of angry citizens, in the best tradition of the 1960s have come together to display their anger at what Wall Street and the US Government (which Wall St, had purchased many years ago) have together done to this country, our economy and our future.  Eight days and 80+ arrests later, they’re still going strong.  And we have an interview with someone who has been there.
Are protests like this still effective in this day and age, and will they have any effect on the rest of society and perhaps stir them to REALLY take our country back?  I for one am hopeful that these people in New York can help to mobilize the nation and focus our attention on the true enemy, Congress.

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Please forgive the technical problems with the sound quality in the interview.


Issue 86 Congress and why we need a LEADER and we have to watch out for China

(9/18/2011)  I’ve been saving up this rant for weeks.
1, why are we so STUPID that we can allow Congress to  get away with wrecking our economy and putting us into massive debt and then let them treat US like WE are the ones responsible for all this?
2, things are so bad, and precarious right now that we don’t need a decent president or even a good one.  We need a GREAT president and a leader strong enough to push Congress harder than they push HIM and unfortunately I’m just not seeing that with President Obama.
3, why did we allow this government to put us in deep debt to China, while that country isn’t even a friend or ally of the United States and just a few short decades ago, they were our adversary and can do us a world of damage when the time is right for them?
And 4, are we so dumb that we never realized that all the money we’ve been borrowing from all these other countries has to be paid BACK at some time and we keep putting in the same politicians that put us in so much debt to begin with?

Plus, the week’s Good Guy is The Center for Community Change

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Issue 85 My take on 9/11/2001 and how we got here.

(9/11/2011)  This issue of the Journal is, for obvious reasons, about the events of 9/11/2001.  I don’t get into the actual event that much.  It’s more a matter of how that day changed our lives, and not for the better.
Plus, the Good Guy is a link to 9/11 charities.

The Daily Show’s take on the failure of Congress to quickly pass the First Responders’ “Zadroga Bill”
The “Rebuilding Ground Zero” series on the Science ChannelAssociated 9/11 charities
Woman arrested for taking photos of helicopter placed at gate of airport so pictures can be taken.

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Issue 84 Is China our econ model, Obama, the EPA and a nasty preacher.

(9/4/2011)  This week we start with two questions.  What possessed President Obama to drop the new EPA standards for ozone and is he deliberately trying to torpedo his own reelection chances?  And why does it look like the new economic model for the United States could be China?  Too many similarities to ignore.
Also, we have one more bit of food for thought on why we need to get rid of all the currently sitting members of Congress all at once.
I respond to an e-mail from a listener who thinks I am obsessed with Congress and we play a little bit of a rant from one of the most hateful and obnoxious “preachers” I’ve heard in a long time, and a little bit is about all we can stand.
Plus: The Good Guy is the The Organization for Autism Research.

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