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Issue #58 Why do we always fall for all these lies?

(2/27/2011)  This week’s Journal is just a grab bag of lies and liars and a question.  How the hell do we always fall for liars in politics?  We aren’t THAT stupid, and we can remember things like the last few dozen times  politicians have handed us a bunch of BS and we STILL vote for them!  We’re smarter than that, right?  Well, yes and no.  Individually we’re not that dumb, but COLLECTIVELY we are a gang of morons apparently.

Plus:  This week’s Good Guy is a dentist from Tucson, AZ who just can’t say no.

Issue #57 Egypt…can it happen here?

(2/20/2011)  This week we take a quick look at the unrest in Egypt and examine the possibility of the same thing might happen here in the US.  I think it’s possible.  Not exactly like Tahrir Square of course, and I certainly hope nobody wants to actually overthrow this government (just the people in Congress who caused our situation) but there’s a LOT of anger in a lot of American cities now, and we do like the newest fad, don’t we?

Also, how is it that Jon Stewart could be one of the best friends the GOP has (outside of FOX) ever had?

Plus:  This week’s Good Guy is a man who helps children cope with grief.

Links:  Daily Show w/Michael Steele Pt1 Pt2 Ed Gillespie Pt1

Kids Hurt Too

Issue #56 Egypt and Pols fail civics test

(2/13/2011) Everybody is still talking about the peaceful overthrow of the Mubarak Government, so we will too.  One question is why does it always seem to be the younger people protesting the government.  We saw it in Egypt, here in the US and in Iran to name a few.  Is it always for “freedom and democracy” or is there more to it?

Also, a recent article on AOL News shows that politicians score even lower in civics testing and their knowledge of the US Constitution than regular Americans do.  It makes US look bad, but it makes THEM look worse, especially when they keep telling us how much they rely on and love the Constitution.

Plus, this week’s Good Guy is Jane Pierantozzi of the “Faithful Friends” shelter.  A “no-kill” animal shelter in Wilmington, Delaware.

Links:  AOL article on how politicians fail the Civics testGood GuyJane Pierantozzi

Issue #55 Egypt and blocking OUR Internet?

(2/6/2011)  This week we take a look at the situation in Egypt.  Not so much the protests, but Mubarak himself.  For one thing, since he’s been sold as such a good buddy to the US, why is it he’s such a terrible dictator now, and why are all the pundits acting like they knew it all along but didn’t bother to tell US?

Also, where did all the money we gave Egypt go and why Mubarak is richer than Bill gates?  And what about their Military?  Do we cut them off from the US dole?

Also, Congress is trying to get a bill passed that would authorize the President to be able to cut off Internet connections to “critical infrastructure” in case of a cyber attack.  I’m sure there are plenty of people, in light of the actions in Egypt, who will see that as the reason for the bill.  But IF the bill is what they say it will be, that’s not really the reason.

Plus:  This week’s Good Guy of the Week is a truck driver turned lawyer who helps battered women in Vermont.

Links:  Washington Post on State of Emergency Mubarak’s Personalwealth

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Internet “Kill Switch” legislation: Wired Washington Post

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