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Welcome to the home of the Gut Reaction Journal weekly podcast, where we analyze, and comment on the events and situations we face in our American society.  You’ll find no spin or partisan slant here, just a clear-eyed, logical and informed view of politics and society as we see it.

The Gut Reaction Journal offers a unique, thought-provoking viewpoint from that of the politicians, their parties, the partisan pundits and the mainstream media (MSM). We are all average Americans here, from Main Street, not Wall Street.

We are dedicated to calling attention to the wrongs perpetrated on the American people by people with self-interests, detached from the needs of the average American.  In other words, we strive to "connect the dots."  Since July 4, 2009, the Journal has looked at politics and society from a different perspective and we want you to hear our analysis of current events.

Whether you agree with our assessments or not, we believe it will be worth your time to listen to a few programs and decide if the Gut Reaction Journal will merit just a few minutes of your time every week.

We're betting that it will be worth it!



We're still refining the site, so check back often .

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