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About The Gut Reaction Journal

Just what is The Gut Reaction Journal?
Well, the short answer is that it's a podcast devoted to politics and society in America today. Each week we try to present a short analysis of what's going on in this country. Where we are headed and why we're headed there, without the partisan agenda, political spin and outright lies you hear on most of the mainstream politcal talk shows. We favor no one and we're critical of everyone in an effort to present a clear, unvarnished view of politics and society.

The long answer is that back in 2009, July 4th to be exact, we were just fed up with the corrupt and sleazy politicans in both political parties who were running our lives and simultaneously running this great country into the ground. We are now faced with the widest and most acrimonious political divide this country has ever seen, and we figured out why.
The answer lies with the UNITED States of America, where the phrase, especially the word "united" has become less of a credo and more of a pointless oxymoron when used to describe our formerly common goals. We clearly see how the politicians on both sides have done their best to bgrainwash the populace into accepting an "Us vs. Them" partisan ideology that makes us stare acoss the divide at each other and NOT looking at the politicians who in large part created most of our problems.
We have become more like two warring tribes, the "right" and the "left", than an united country and this has allowed the corrupt politicians to literally sell the country we live in right out from under us. The answer, and the ONLY answer is for us to erase our partisan divisions and start looking at the government as a single unit and not as two parties, one good, the other evil, and while we obsess about the "other side", our side gets away with whatever it wants to do.
To that end, we started The Gut Reaction Journal as a way to shine a harsh light on both sides at once in a way to show what they both do, not for us, but TO us.

So why the 4th of July as the Journal's birthday? It's simple, really. We desperately NEED another "Independence Day" from the people who rob us blind and keep us apart as a free, patriotic and UNITED society. We want to use our one small voice to get people who will listen, to see what is happening, why it's happening and hopefully, how to fix things while we still have time. Big ambitions, I know. But in these times, every American must do what they can, and what they feel is the RIGHT thing to do. And all we want you to do, is listen.


About the Host

My name is Jim Smith and I am a freelance writer from New Castle, Delaware. I started discussing politics and society over 20 years ago on several Internet discussion forums, which is where people from all backgrounds, income levels and political persuasions met to argue their respective position. I soon found that my positions were not in line with most of the other people, who saw things in tems like "liberal", "conservative", "right" and "left". That just seemed unproductive, at best and I decided, in my small way to do something.

All I want to do, is to make people aware of what's going on in a non-partisan way, and to try to get you, the listener, to look at things from a different angle.


Too many media personalities have an enormous amount of influence and power over their most fervent fans, and that has become one of the problems we face as a society and we need to turn to OURSELVES for leadership in forming our opinions.

So, the sole purpose of The Gut Reaction Journal is to present my case in a non-partisan way, actually, an ANTI_Partisan way and be as accurate and truthful as I can possibly be. Actually, you probably already know much of what I talk about, but I want people to THINK about what they know, in a slightly different way, and to make the same connections and come to the same conclusions that I do.

And for listening, I want to thank you very much.
Jim Smith, Host
The Gut Reaction Journal